Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A quick tip for peel offs.

A tried and tested method is to use stick it masking tape cover the image and burnish with an embossing tool.Gently lift the tape and the outline sticker will lift the sticker,if it doesn't use the tip of your knife to give it a hand when it starts to lift go gently. Place onto your card( you can get the sticker straight no prob)rub down with your finger and gently peel off the tape

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Have been a little lax recently and not put a post on.
I was demoing at Whitley village paper mill yesterday what a fantastic day and so many lovely ladies and gents. It was great to see you Anne never realised you lived that far away.
I promised to put the instructions on of how to make a spring card so here goes if you get stuck leave a comment and I will get back to you.


1. Take a square pre-scored card and fold on the score line.
2. With the fold on the left fold the front back so it meets the fold. (This will be called the new fold.) The piece you have folded back is the foot.
3. Take a pencil and mark the card at the top and bottom just to the right of the new fold.
4. Divide the right hand sided cut edge in 2, and make a mark.
5. Draw a line to join up the top pencil mark and the divide pencil mark.
6. Repeat with the bottom mark.You should have a triangle shape.
7. Cut along the pencil mark.
8. Open the card and take a scoring or embossing tool and a ruler and score from the top of the new fold to the pencil mark on the bottom. You should have a diagonal line.
9. Repeat from the bottom to the top to create a scored cross.
10.Fold along these lines.
11.With the foot flat on the table gentle pull the sides into the back this will create a square on the front.
12.Decorate the card as required.
13. Place a couple of foam pads on the underside of the bottom point and stick to the foot.
14. This should create your card if in doubt leave a comment and I will get back to you.