Monday, 27 April 2009

Thank you

I can't thank you all enough Ladies you know who you are and so should the rest of the world. The ladies from The Range Bournemouth, The Range Plymouth, and Dorchester Scrapbook Group.The ladies who have posted and delivered card to me at work a big thank you.
I have delivered to Docrafts today the grand total of 1284 cards thats the equivalent of £1284 for Marie Curie I am overwhelmed by you generosity and support and I am sure this will help the charity a great deal.
Watch this space for the next charity fund raiser which I will be announcing at the beginning of May.

Monday, 13 April 2009

New computer

I have finally bought a new computer am fed up with the other 2 give it time and I will work out all the new functions it has.I am sure I will be able to upload photos soon. So watch this space.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Marie Curie

A quick update on the Marie Curie cards we now have 647 so only 53 to go. I know lets move the goal post again lets aim for 750. We have 19 days to achieve this so if you have any lying around remember to bring them in.

Basket of flowers

This was very popular you will need a square card. Fold on the score line and then open out. Using your small oval shape cutter cut a handle out. To do this place the oval across the fold with equal amounts on both sides cut the middle out and then half way round on the outside. This will create the handle. Make a mark 3cm in from the left and also the right. Cut from this mark to the outside top of the card on both sides to create a basket shape. Stamp or cut out some flowers. I like to use a mixture of paper flowers from the Claire Curd range and some stamped flowers from the doodle stamp set. If you have some silk flowers you could use these. Cover the front of the card with paper of your chose. Arrange the flowers nicely around the handle and also the basket. Stamp a message onto card mat and layer this and using foam pads stick to the bottom right of the card. Finish of with some gems and 3D gloss on the paper flowers. These will curl up a little to add dimension to the card. I also added a dimensions butterfly.

Wonky card

Take a tall card and make a mark on the front bottom at 6cm, make another mark on the right hand side front at 17cm. Cut from the 6cm to the 17cm mark and from the
17cm mark to the top left corner. This will make your wonky card. Cut and tie a piece of ribbon stick the ends under the paper you have chosen Cover the front of your card with your paper. I used the paper from the current goody bag. I then stamped an image on to card,colour,cut it and matted it before sticking it onto the front of my card.

T.V Card

I call this my T.V card as I saw the idea on the telly. Take a standard square card, cut a 6.5cm strip off the front right hand side of the card. Cut a piece of card 15cm x 7.5cm and fold in half to make a 7.5cm card. Cover the inside back of the card with paper of your choose use the same paper to cover the 6.5cm front. Stick the small 7.5cm card to the inside of the back central this as best as possible. The fold should be on the right. Decorate this small card with your image or embellishment. I have used dimension stickers and candy floss stamp.

Here Goes

If this works we will have “DIY” man. Using scraps of masking tape stick these to a piece of card. When you have a large enough piece colour your wood with inks to create the grain. Give finished piece a blast with the heat gun to dry the ink. Cut into strips and using brads form a frame for the card. Stamp, colour and cut out “DIY” man. Stick him to the frame. Cover the card base with your chosen paper, chalk the edges with liquid chalk ink pads. Stick the frame to your card. Stamp a message onto a piece of card, cut out chalk the edges and stick with foam pads in the centre of the frame.

Will post another later.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


For those ladies that have bought cards into work I thought you might like an update as to how many cards we have collected so far. As you are aware our target was 500 by 25th April. Well with 23 days to go we have... Drum roll please... 574 so I have decided that we will now go for 700 I know we can do it. Just keep bringing them in to me at The Range Bournemouth or Trago Mills Falmouth on Good Friday or Wimborne market on Easter Sunday. Lets hit the 700 remember they sell for £1 each in your local Marie Curie shop. A big thank you to all of you who have helped so far.