Sunday, 16 November 2008


This is the long awaited door instructions.
1. You will need an 20x20cm piece of card folded in half, and 4 pieces of the same colour and shade cut 3x6cm.
2. You will also need 4 pieces of card slightly darker cut to 3.5x6.5cm.Stick the lighter on to the darker these make up you panels.
3. Cut a piece of silver card 2x3cm and another 1x2cm.
4. Take a piece of card and stick a small merry Christmas to it cut this to down and sandwich it between the two pieces of silver card with a couple of foam pads.
5. Using the impress wreath die or any other wreath design you have, cut or assemble as required.
6. To make the arch you will need a protractor cut out 3 cheeses.
Cover these on the reverse with apiece of acetate. I used the acetate from the goody bag.
7.Assemble all the bits, add a brad for a door handle and a little glitter glue to the bottom right of each door panel to represent the snow.


I was trying to think of different ways to use my papercraft skills and I came up with this one a calendar using paper and basic tool kit. My daughter actually liked it and as asked for one for her mate. High acclaim I think.

The Range demo Bournemouth

Pyramage and invertage that was the new card designs for this demo. For those of you who are coming to the demo at Trago mills Falmouth or The Range Bournemouth next week end I will be showing you how to do these If you can't watch this space and I will post instructions when I have more time.


I am fast approaching my 5,000 hit's and as a thank you I will be adding some blog candy as soon as I reach the magic number. So start adding a link to my blog from yours and I will be rewarding somebody with a prize. The blog candy will be glittery as it's Christmas. This offer closes on 30th November.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


OK ladies you all know my 2ND love in life after my card making and scrapbooking is F1 namely Lewis Hamilton. So I would just like to take this opportunity to scream at the top of my voice, and those of you who have met me know i have a big one.


I hope this inspires all those youngsters out there working hard in there chosen sports to give it there all. You can do it.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Today's updates are dufex decoupage has arrived so hopefully the girls will have put it out tomorrow. There was some die cut Christmas and some new sentiment stickers.
When I left work today there was no sign of the docraft delivery however have just phoned Lynda and it has arrived. They have not had time to worked it yet. She has checked the packing note and it doesn't look as though the glass cutting mat has arrived, the pokey tool will be in around the 20Th November, the x-cut corner rounders should be in the 7Th November. Remember the docraft deliver arrives on a Thursday and should be out on the shelf by lunch time Friday.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


For years we looked for these waterfalls in Crete and finally we found them and they are worth a look so if you are off to Crete they are near Georgiopolis. I used textured card stock in a mustard colour and a piece in a dark rose which I tore again the titles are made from the clear stamps coloured and glossed and the Italic impress alphabet again sanded and glossed.


This is the oldest member and the youngest member of my family.I have used a piece of textured card stock in a lovely rose colour. I then took a piece of acetate from secret garden and using my whispers permanent pens I have coloured the flowers in on the reverse I cut section out of the 12x12 and held these in place using the sugar coated brads. The title is core ordinates card sanded then put through the impress die cutting machine. The alphabet is the capital italic.I have used transfer sheets to stick the letters. This has been stuck to the back of the paper before it went through the machine and then you can peel of the backing like a sticker and put it onto your project.


This is the little house my dad made for Stacey 17 years ago when I was expecting Oliver. I use lots of ribbons in different widths and hights and papers from Secret Garden. Another layout for forth coming scrapbook crops.


Wow do I show some scary photos and it's not even Halloween. More sanded card stock I love this effect on old photos. If you are scrunching up card spritz it first and then scrunch it up flatten out then leave to dry. Sand it once dry as the effect is better. This layout is for the scrapbook crop I am doing at the weekend.


Maisie loves penguins and this phot was taken in Poole Park in 2007 I scalloped the edge by using one of Papermanias chipboard scrapbooks as a template. The scrapbooks are only 8x8 so I moved it along the paper, punched the holes with my crop a dile and placed the picture on a piece of paper which I cut randomly This was then stuck on to a small checked piece of acetate. The base paper and the acetate are from Christmas wonderland.


This is my boys We went on holiday to Crete and the boys had ago at being Lewis Hamilton. I think that Oliver was a bit shocked in the bottom left picture.


This is Maisie's favorite page The title has been double embossed with silver and then one of holographic embossing powder. I love this technique and use it a lot. The chipboard's are left over ones that do not match so this uses them up.


If my brothers see this I am dead. I tore a piece of vellum and put this over a piece of green paper from the Wonderful Christmas Docraft 12x12. The banner is a piece of black magic torn and sanded, and the title is stamped with the clear curly alphebet stamps these were stamped onto apiece of scrap blue cut out and then finished with Anita's clear gloss.


For this page I used the Docraft textured card and sanded it lightly. The letters are triple embossed chipboard letters.I then took a piece of 6x6 core ordinates and sanded that. a couple of eyelets and silk flowers and hey presto. I picked the turquoise as I remember that my dress was this colour. What a memory I hear you say I was about 7 1/2 and those shirts were BRIGHT.


Have been into work today and got lots of feed back from the girls on Saturdays Trimcraft demo. I was told it was very good, the feed back from the customers was that they learnt lots of new things, new card folds, a gift bag which I will be putting on hear when I have perfected it. This would not have been possible without Julie's help she bought in a bag today with instructions so I have no excuse. Thanks also to Mariline for her help in bringing a naked card fold she had learnt. See I get my ideas and inspiration from you as much as you getting it from me, thank you. Haven't taken a photo of the red door yet will do it tomorrow.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


As promised I have finally uploaded the finally birthday card. This was for Stacey who was 20 on 1st October. She is of to New York for new year and when I found this Hampton Art stamp I just had to go with it. The paper was from a small craft store somewhere and the big apple was one of those fancy buttons.

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Sunday, 28 September 2008


These are my youngest two's birthday cards Oliver was 17 on the 20th and Maisie is 10 today Stacey is 20 on Wednesday so it's a very busy time.
Oliver's had a pocket in so we could put in a cheque for his driving test. Wow is that expensive.The picture is from the forever friends him range and the letters are stamped with the new curly clear stamps, coloured in and then covered with Anita's 3d gloss. Happy Birthday was stamped using the trimcraft 99p alphabet stamps.
Maisie's card is again using forever friends and Anita's 3d gloss.
the last card is made using trimcraft fantasy stamps and docraft chalks for the corners finished off with gems. The image was from the docraft image swap and coloured with you guessed it whispers pens and a derwent water brush. This is layered onto paper and card and is then made into a flap on the card underneath I stamped Happy Birthday.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


WOW what a fantastic day I have met Anthony of Dufex decoupage fame. What a lovely guy. I also met Denise from Dufex who was also really lovely. Have picked up lots of ideas so I will be putting these into my cards ASAP.
For those of you fortunate to come along I hope you had a great day. For those of you who didn't I will try and do some samples next week for you to see.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I have been playing which is unusual for me as normally my cards are either samples or demo cards.

This card was entered into a Card of the month comp and was coloured with whispers and high lighted with sakura pens. The pick backing is tissue paper layered using Anita's tacky glue watered down and then highlighted with chalks and silver pigment ink.

This card is a funky kits sugar Nellie stamp again coloured with my whispers pens.

This card uses the forever friends stamp and is coloured with whispers pens and a blender pen. I have use a little bit of white stretchy stocking to make a cast for his arm as the little girl it's for has broken her arm and is having a full cast put on on her birthday.

I did have fun watch this space as I will be loading my children's birthday cards soon.

Sunday, 14 September 2008


This card is great for all occasions and can be made from
either an A6, a square card or a triangle card.

1.Firstly measure 1.5cm in from the edge of the card around all 4 sided (if you are making a triangle card its 1cm and only 3 sides!!)
2.Cut out this square to make a window save the piece of card you have removed.
3.Cut .5cm from each side of the saved square.
4.Score 1cm around all sides were the lines cross in the corners score from the cross over to the point of the card.
5.Crease and fold these lines and pinch the corners this form the pillow.
6.Cut 6 pieces of foam tape and layer up into 2 piles of 3. Stick these to the back of the pillow.
7.Cut a piece of paper a little smaller than the card size and stick to the inside of the window. Stick the pillow onto the paper.
8.Use outline stickers to trim around the edges.
9.Decorate as you wish.


This proved to be very popular yesterday so here are the instructions.
This card is made using an A6 card on landscape. And the front of a second card cut to the same length and 5cm deep

1. Place a mark on the top of the card 2.5cm in from the right and repeat on the left.
2.Cut from this mark to the corresponding corner.
3.Stick a sheet of 6x6 paper to the front of the card making sure it is flush with the top of the card.
4.Trim of the spare paper and save.
5.Score 1cm down from the top on the front and the back.
6.Cut the flap section to the same shape as the card top and round of the corners.
7.Score down 1cm from the top of the flap and stick to the card.
8.Punch a 1/8th hole on the crease of the card 3.5cm from both ends of the card.
9.Thread the ribbon through the 1/8th hole and use a small piece of double-sided tape to hold the ribbon in place punch a, 3/16th holes 2.5cm from the edge, and 1cm down along this section.
10.Set your eyelets through both the front and the back of your card this will hold the ribbon in place.
11.Decorate the card to suit the occasion.

Saturday, 13 September 2008


What a day floods and tornado's could not stop the demo at the range today. It was great to see so may people. I thing 14 sitting is a bit of a record but I am game lets try and beat it. I am sorry if you came in and felt a little over whelmed. I have loaded up the samples, and I will take some photos of the cards I made today on Tuesday.
I will also load on the instructions for the cards that are new designs. So watch this space.

Thursday, 4 September 2008


It's arrived I have been unpacking the forever friends stamps today. Thank you Julie for your help. They are so cute I just had to take some pictures for you to see. They are priced at £2.99-£5.99 for the single stamp and there are 19 to choose from one of my favorite is the DIY stamp. There are 2 packs of 3 stamps for £9.99. The papers have arrived as well and they are £3.99 there are 6 designs and they are in 6x6 for 50 sheets the boys pack is really great for those difficult men's cards.
The corner rounder has also arrived and gives a nice neat corner with no hangy bits, as asked by a customer earlier in the week. The new xcut punches are also in. Love the flower pot and the ribbon punch.
Unfortunately the DIY card packs have not arrived yet so check back again next week.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


We had a little play today with a technigue that I had never tried and boy was I impressed so here it is.

Take a candle we used a small church candle and a piece of white tissue paper stamp your image using a permanent ink onto the tissue colour in using water colour pens. We used whisper brush strokes be aware that the colours bleed so protect your work sefice trim the image slightly and place on to the candle stamped side up wrap a piece of parchment or grease proof paper around the candle and using your heat gun about 2 inches above the candle gently heat the image you will see a colour change. when the whole image has covered gently peel off the parchment paper and the image should now be on the candle just like magic. use a little glitter glue to high light and leave to dry.
As we speak it is burning in the kitchen to see how it will burn down I will keep you posted.


Firstly I would like to say thank you to those of you that took part in the card homework they were all fantastic. Silly me did'nt take a photo of the winner card but congratulations to Ann, and look out for the next one there will be more to follow.

The book I was refering to was by Alan D. Gear and Barry L. Freestone and it is called "Complete guide to stamping."

Anyway down to business as some of you ladies saw today we did some stamping at The Range. So as promised here is the helpful bits.I have copied the info on inks so you don't need to go hunting.


There are 2 types of ink pads.

1. Is pigment ink and needs embossing powder and heating up, or setting with a heat gun.
2. Is a dye based or permanent ink that you stamp and leave.

I always prepare my stamps when I buy them. Cover the image with sellotape and press down lift and repeat until you have covered the whole stamp several times. This removes the bits of fluff and the silicone used in the making of the stamp.
I then ink up with the stamp face up using "little kisses"all over the image. Make sure the whole image is well covered. Large stamps are harder to get a clear impression from. I use a pad from my see d stamp pack under the paper or card, if you don't have one of these try using a mouse mat. If all else fails put the paper on top of the image and press down. I have tried all these tips and they all worked well. I only have ink it up and whispers permanent pads and don't have a problem. Hope this works.

P.S store your ink pads lid down so that the ink runs to the surface of the pad.

I will have a stamping guide available next week in store or if you want to email me I should have it by the beginning of September.

Monday, 28 July 2008



This one is for my mums brother shall have to chance the post.

This is Dads card I am hand delivering this one as it would be really battered by the time it arrives in Crete.

Lyndas vodka bottle all thats missing is Tia Maria