Sunday, 14 September 2008


This card is great for all occasions and can be made from
either an A6, a square card or a triangle card.

1.Firstly measure 1.5cm in from the edge of the card around all 4 sided (if you are making a triangle card its 1cm and only 3 sides!!)
2.Cut out this square to make a window save the piece of card you have removed.
3.Cut .5cm from each side of the saved square.
4.Score 1cm around all sides were the lines cross in the corners score from the cross over to the point of the card.
5.Crease and fold these lines and pinch the corners this form the pillow.
6.Cut 6 pieces of foam tape and layer up into 2 piles of 3. Stick these to the back of the pillow.
7.Cut a piece of paper a little smaller than the card size and stick to the inside of the window. Stick the pillow onto the paper.
8.Use outline stickers to trim around the edges.
9.Decorate as you wish.

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