Sunday, 14 September 2008


This proved to be very popular yesterday so here are the instructions.
This card is made using an A6 card on landscape. And the front of a second card cut to the same length and 5cm deep

1. Place a mark on the top of the card 2.5cm in from the right and repeat on the left.
2.Cut from this mark to the corresponding corner.
3.Stick a sheet of 6x6 paper to the front of the card making sure it is flush with the top of the card.
4.Trim of the spare paper and save.
5.Score 1cm down from the top on the front and the back.
6.Cut the flap section to the same shape as the card top and round of the corners.
7.Score down 1cm from the top of the flap and stick to the card.
8.Punch a 1/8th hole on the crease of the card 3.5cm from both ends of the card.
9.Thread the ribbon through the 1/8th hole and use a small piece of double-sided tape to hold the ribbon in place punch a, 3/16th holes 2.5cm from the edge, and 1cm down along this section.
10.Set your eyelets through both the front and the back of your card this will hold the ribbon in place.
11.Decorate the card to suit the occasion.

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