Sunday, 31 May 2009

Docraft Butterfly punch

Ladies I was told of a place to get the butterfly punch yesterday so I have checked it out and sure enough it looks the same to me just a different colour so here is a link

hope this helps those of you who can't get one.

Friday, 29 May 2009


That I am mad and need some therapy. Tomorrow 30th May is CHRISTMAS yes thats right I will be doing a Christmas demonstration at The Range Bournemouth. 10am - 4pm do come along if you can the ideas will be how to use last years bits and bobs as we do not have any new bits in. This will hopefully save you money. That must be a first for me. We do have some reductions on our Christmas stock though.

Blog hopping

Well ladies as some of you may know I spend a lot of time blog hopping. Some of you will ask what is this blog hopping? Well it means I visit lots of blogs. I start on one of my favorites and then visit one of their favorites and so on.
So I have been thinking I shall be starting a new section Blog of the week. I will post this every Friday so you have the week end to go visit.

My first blog of the week goes to

I love this site as there are lots of ideas, videos and tutorials. I know it's an American site and the products that she uses you might not have seen, but here lays another tale I am going to be signing up to become a Stamping up demonstrator soon so you will see lots of different ideas and product on here. With this in mind I will be splitting my blog in the near future. Please don't ask me how or when as I can't answer either of those question.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

This is another version of the dimension butterfly unfortunately this has now been discontinued. However if you have the punch here are the instruction.

Alfie this is for you.

Take a tall card or DL trim 2.5cm off the front flap. Cut a piece of paper from either the blueberry or regency paper pack 10cm by 20cm. Close the card and edge the inside piece that shows with silver glitteration border.
Cut a piece of mirror card 7cm wide by 20cm. Cut a piece of matching paper from blueberry or regency pack 6cm wide by 19cm long. Mat this to the mirror card.
Cut a piece of spring floral glitter vellum the same size make sure the pattern runs down the card. Turn the vellum over and using your permanent pens colour in the flowers and the stems. Don't worry if you go over the edge this adds dimension. Turn the vellum over and punch a butterfly on the top. I used the edge of the punch to the edge of the vellum. I then did the same at the bottom of the vellum leaving a 5cm gap. Now punch another butterfly in the middle. Just line it up getting an even amount either side of the top and bottom butterfly.
Now use the 2 in 1 glue pen available in the goody bag or individually for £2.49. Place a little glue behind the centre of the flower and stick to the paper. Take a piece of ribbon and tie the ends into a knot place this over the front of the card, underneath the butterflies, and cut on either side and stick to the reverse of the mirror card. Stick this to the front of the card. Finish with a sentiment mat this on mirror card and a little of the remaining paper. This card will look different by using different backing paper and different coloured pens.

Using the new shimmer chalks and the stitch and craft stencil. I used stick it masking tape to stick the stencil to the card stock and then using either a piece of sponge or a cotton bud apply the chalk through the stencil. I used the timeless card stock and it did stay put with out any fixative. If you do want to fix it use a cheap hair spray. They say a quick spray from a distance sets it o.k.

Plymouth cards

This card was made using the white wash papers just rip the card to reveal the inner core. The sun was cut from one of the impress double pack you may have to hunt them down as they are now discontinued.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Sizzix Bigz

Have just bought 2 dies for my old original red sizzix machine and yea you guessed it they don't fit. Unfortunately I have opened them and so I can't send them back. I thought I would sell them on. So if anybody is interested let me know Decorative accents #10 by Debi Potter £6 +P+P and Bigz XL die bag favour by Brenda Pinnick £12 +P+P

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Blueberry Hill

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As promised here are the cards from today I will edit each card over the next few days so do call back for instructions and measurements.

Fold an A6 card on the score line. Cut a piece of paper 14cm x 10cm from the Blueberry Hill pack and round off the corners Stick to the card. Cut a piece of card the same colour as the base card 7.5cm x 9cm round off the corners. Cut another piece of paper the same colour as the base paper cut to 6.5cm x 8cm round off the corners. Stick to the card. Use a piece of narrow organza ribbon in a tone colour tie both ends together in a knot wrap round the small card, cut and stick on the back. Stick to the card using foam pads. Using the free gift from the front of the magazine stamp the small round stamp onto a piece of pattered paper and again onto a piece of card the same as the base. Using a toning colour chalk ink. Cut around the outside of the card circle and on the inside of the paper circle mount onto the bottom right of the card using foam pads. The circle disc in the centre was cut using the impress lace circle and white wash card. The impress circle has been discontinued so you could replace this with an embellishment of your choose.

Jessie Edwards Tag card

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This card was made using the new Jessie Edwards paper from the goody bag. Take an A6 Card and fold cut a piece of gold mirror card 14cm x 10cm and round the corners now take a piece of paper 13cm x 9cm and using a small circle punch munch a quater of the corner off repeat on all corners mat these using DST. To make the tag use a piece of card 12cm long and and 7cm wide put this in the impress with the tag cutter from the dual pack. You will see that it is to short thats fine. Once you have cut it take it out and line it up so it cuts the straight edge into the fancy pattern. (Ihope this makes sense)You should now have a tag that is patterned on both ends. Using the stamps from the Jessie Edwards pack stamp onto the top left and bottom right using the small flower spray and teal liguid chalk. Stamp the sentiment perfect day using the same chalk across the middle. Thread a piece of wide teal organza ribbon through each end and tie. Stick foam pads onto the back and stick into the centre of the card.


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You can use vellum straight to your card or as a wrap round. These cards have been made by colouring the reverse of the vellum with whispers permanent pens.
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Vellum is a great product and this has to be my favorite one. It is already glittered so the hard work is done for you.
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The best thing I have found to stick the vellum with is the new glue pen from Docrafts it's in your goody bag or you can buy it for £2.49..

Decoupage credit crunch card

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Decoupage was one of the first things I did after the stickers and wow have they come on in the past 5 years. With the new ones from Docraft there are now die cut and also the traditional do it yourself. If you look at the retirement card I made for Pat and this card you will see that they are the same picture. In fact they are one decoupage layout split into two so you can get more fore your money with this one I ripped and chalked the edges with Pats I cut it.
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This card reminds me of art deco I found that if you used a ruler and your tummy and pulled the decoupage through it it curled nicely and gave a lovely curved finish.
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A simple cut and paste card the bar across the middle was made using a piece of gemstone card and gold glitteration strip

Handmade paper

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These pattern and flocked handmade papers as lush. This pink and black card is a series of squares mat and layered and stuck using silicone glue as I found this held the pieces together the best..
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This is a black version of the pink card the only difference is I cut the squares bigger. Use mirror card as a little really lifts the card

Vellum wrap

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This is such a soft effect and the photo doesn't do it justice. I used the small flower in the centre of the fan stencil. These are from the new stitch and craft range. Don't forget to emboss some hanging off the edge of the vellum. When you have enough chalk with the shimmer chalks on the reverse. Emboss a few extras and cut these out chalk again and stick to the vellum wrap using brads. These brads go straight through the vellum and the card holding every thing together. Add a sentiment to the bottom right corner. To hold the back of the wrap in place stick a small glitteration bee on the reverse of the wrap using you glue pen put a bit of glue on to the vellum behind the bee this will hold the back in place..
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Another variation of the vellum card.
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For this card I used the floral stitch and craft stencil again I embossed and chalked and a glitteration butterfly. I also used the glue pen to stick the vellum to the card.

Art Deco pocket card

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Fo these last two cards I used I piece from the art deco style decoupage. Firstly emboss and prick the corners on the front of the card using the stitch and craft starter set. Cut apiece of card 5 inches square this should be in the sam colour as the base card. Make a mark at 2.5 inches on 3 of the sides score from the one on the right to the bottom and again on the other side when these fold up they will make a pocket. Stick a piece of masking tape over this to hold it in place Cover the triangle with paper from the regency pack and also cover the the back and into the pocket. Edge up the paper with gold glitteration strip. Add the decoupage to the front sticking only on the pocket. Stick this to the card using DST. Add a dimension butterfly to the back. Make a tag in the same way as we did for the Jessie Edwards card add a sentiment and a piece of ribbon.
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For this one I didn't make a tag so you could slip a gift voucher in the pocket instead.

Monday, 4 May 2009


Dufex pyramage The sentiment on the bottom was straight but it was stuck with silicone and it was knocked before it dried.

50th card

This template was made by drawing round a wine bottle. I didn't have to drink it all!! Again it needed tweeking to get it symmetrical. The stamps are Forever friends and the cover gift off of the new creativity magazine.

3 page book

I love these book style cards so I did a template. It did need tweeking but I think it works o.k Finished of with dufex decoupage.

Special cards

These cards are made using polyfilla and acrylic paint, and a brass stencil.

Friday, 1 May 2009


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Pat if you are looking at this card Don't.


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This is a sneak preview of the new cards that I will be showing in my demo on the 9th and 16th May do come along and see what else I have in store.


Hi ladies and gents

First I must apologize for not doing a newsletter last month I was so busy and the month slipped away with me.
I am in the process of doing the demo list for July through December so if there is something that you would like to see please let me know and I will try and put it in for you.
The third weekend of each month is always set aside for scrapbooking. This has become a very popular demo now and has now been upgraded to a workshop. So if you want to find out about scrapbooking come along and see what we are doing. We have lots of information that we can pass on and lots of ideas. If you want to take part in the workshop you will need to see me as there are only a few spaces left each month.
The Thursday night demos have really taken off now and are getting a lot of support. Technique Thursday is have a go night basically I will show you a technique and then you get to have a go. Hopefully we can sort out any problems that you may have and give you the confidence to go home and play. You also get a chance to have a go with new products before you buy them. The next one is May 7th
Thursday scrapbooking is a chance to have a go when the group is smaller and you get more one to one time. If you are looking for help this is a great time to come along. The next one is May 14th
I must say a big thank you to all of the ladies and gents that contributed to the Marie Curie Cancer Care Appeal we collected a massive 1284 cards this was a fantastic effort and a real shock. I was hoping to collect 500. I am sure that this contribution will help greatly.
What a great start to the month we have had lots of lovely new stock in. As I sit here typing away we are still waiting for Trimcraft hopefully this will arrive within the next few days so watch this space or my blog
The new Docraft range has arrived and is really scrummy. We now stock gold and silver mirror card. The quickie glue pens have also arrived. For those of you who have asked about the squeeze they have now released some embossing folders these will be in store in the next few weeks,
The new Docraft magazine and the goody bags are also in stock and are selling well. Trimcrafts goody bag will be on sale on the day of the demo.
Demos for this month are
Sat May 2nd Special occasions
Sat May 9th DOCRAFTS
Sun May 10th Vellum, brads, and ribbons
Sat May 16th TRIMCRAFT
Sun May 17th Scrapbooking
Sat May 23rd Decoupage
Sat May 30th Christmas Cards
If you need more details I am in Tue Wed 9am-3pm Thurs 9am-1pm 5pm-7.30pm and on demo day at the weeekend