Friday, 29 May 2009

Blog hopping

Well ladies as some of you may know I spend a lot of time blog hopping. Some of you will ask what is this blog hopping? Well it means I visit lots of blogs. I start on one of my favorites and then visit one of their favorites and so on.
So I have been thinking I shall be starting a new section Blog of the week. I will post this every Friday so you have the week end to go visit.

My first blog of the week goes to

I love this site as there are lots of ideas, videos and tutorials. I know it's an American site and the products that she uses you might not have seen, but here lays another tale I am going to be signing up to become a Stamping up demonstrator soon so you will see lots of different ideas and product on here. With this in mind I will be splitting my blog in the near future. Please don't ask me how or when as I can't answer either of those question.

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Michelle said...

Wishing you good luck with your new will love it!