Saturday, 9 May 2009

Art Deco pocket card

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Fo these last two cards I used I piece from the art deco style decoupage. Firstly emboss and prick the corners on the front of the card using the stitch and craft starter set. Cut apiece of card 5 inches square this should be in the sam colour as the base card. Make a mark at 2.5 inches on 3 of the sides score from the one on the right to the bottom and again on the other side when these fold up they will make a pocket. Stick a piece of masking tape over this to hold it in place Cover the triangle with paper from the regency pack and also cover the the back and into the pocket. Edge up the paper with gold glitteration strip. Add the decoupage to the front sticking only on the pocket. Stick this to the card using DST. Add a dimension butterfly to the back. Make a tag in the same way as we did for the Jessie Edwards card add a sentiment and a piece of ribbon.

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