Sunday, 17 August 2008


We had a little play today with a technigue that I had never tried and boy was I impressed so here it is.

Take a candle we used a small church candle and a piece of white tissue paper stamp your image using a permanent ink onto the tissue colour in using water colour pens. We used whisper brush strokes be aware that the colours bleed so protect your work sefice trim the image slightly and place on to the candle stamped side up wrap a piece of parchment or grease proof paper around the candle and using your heat gun about 2 inches above the candle gently heat the image you will see a colour change. when the whole image has covered gently peel off the parchment paper and the image should now be on the candle just like magic. use a little glitter glue to high light and leave to dry.
As we speak it is burning in the kitchen to see how it will burn down I will keep you posted.

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