Sunday, 17 August 2008


Firstly I would like to say thank you to those of you that took part in the card homework they were all fantastic. Silly me did'nt take a photo of the winner card but congratulations to Ann, and look out for the next one there will be more to follow.

The book I was refering to was by Alan D. Gear and Barry L. Freestone and it is called "Complete guide to stamping."

Anyway down to business as some of you ladies saw today we did some stamping at The Range. So as promised here is the helpful bits.I have copied the info on inks so you don't need to go hunting.


There are 2 types of ink pads.

1. Is pigment ink and needs embossing powder and heating up, or setting with a heat gun.
2. Is a dye based or permanent ink that you stamp and leave.

I always prepare my stamps when I buy them. Cover the image with sellotape and press down lift and repeat until you have covered the whole stamp several times. This removes the bits of fluff and the silicone used in the making of the stamp.
I then ink up with the stamp face up using "little kisses"all over the image. Make sure the whole image is well covered. Large stamps are harder to get a clear impression from. I use a pad from my see d stamp pack under the paper or card, if you don't have one of these try using a mouse mat. If all else fails put the paper on top of the image and press down. I have tried all these tips and they all worked well. I only have ink it up and whispers permanent pads and don't have a problem. Hope this works.

P.S store your ink pads lid down so that the ink runs to the surface of the pad.

I will have a stamping guide available next week in store or if you want to email me I should have it by the beginning of September.

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