Sunday, 16 November 2008


This is the long awaited door instructions.
1. You will need an 20x20cm piece of card folded in half, and 4 pieces of the same colour and shade cut 3x6cm.
2. You will also need 4 pieces of card slightly darker cut to 3.5x6.5cm.Stick the lighter on to the darker these make up you panels.
3. Cut a piece of silver card 2x3cm and another 1x2cm.
4. Take a piece of card and stick a small merry Christmas to it cut this to down and sandwich it between the two pieces of silver card with a couple of foam pads.
5. Using the impress wreath die or any other wreath design you have, cut or assemble as required.
6. To make the arch you will need a protractor cut out 3 cheeses.
Cover these on the reverse with apiece of acetate. I used the acetate from the goody bag.
7.Assemble all the bits, add a brad for a door handle and a little glitter glue to the bottom right of each door panel to represent the snow.

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