Saturday, 17 January 2009


It took a little longer that I thought but we have now had the o.k to do demos and scrapbook crops on a Thursday night 5pm-7.30pm at The Range Bournemouth.The sessions will alternate between techniques and scrapbooking.

This Thursday 22ND January will be a scrapbook crop and the 29Th January will be outline stickers. The idea is the demos will be more like a mini workshop. So you will get to have a go. There won't be many finished cards as we are concentrating on getting the techniques right. This will hopefully help those of you who are having problems with your projects. The themes are decided by you so if there is something you are having trouble with let me know and we can have a go.

The scrapbook crops run along the same thread as the Sunday crops so if you are interested do come in and book a place. If you just want to know a bit more about scrapbooking this is a great time to come in as the store isn't so busy and I can give you more help and individual attention.
Remember to bring your tool kits pens and papers and if you are travelling give the store a call in case I have had to cancel.

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