Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Basket of flowers

This was very popular you will need a square card. Fold on the score line and then open out. Using your small oval shape cutter cut a handle out. To do this place the oval across the fold with equal amounts on both sides cut the middle out and then half way round on the outside. This will create the handle. Make a mark 3cm in from the left and also the right. Cut from this mark to the outside top of the card on both sides to create a basket shape. Stamp or cut out some flowers. I like to use a mixture of paper flowers from the Claire Curd range and some stamped flowers from the doodle stamp set. If you have some silk flowers you could use these. Cover the front of the card with paper of your chose. Arrange the flowers nicely around the handle and also the basket. Stamp a message onto card mat and layer this and using foam pads stick to the bottom right of the card. Finish of with some gems and 3D gloss on the paper flowers. These will curl up a little to add dimension to the card. I also added a dimensions butterfly.

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jennie'g' said...

this is a lovely project well done jenniexx