Monday, 25 June 2012

Tower box

Have been having a little play to see how easy these are to make and it was very easy. I used a sheet of textured A4 I cut it 9cm high and scoresthe lenghth  at 7cm increments. The little bit on the end I punch a fancy border. I then cut the square cards into 4 11cm squares. Then I scored a 2cm border. snip into the corders and  make into little boxes.These are then stuck onto each section starting on the left and making sure they side on top of each other.I then made another little box from the textured card I punch one section of border on each side before making up. Finish off with a a small square of cream and again punch the edge and stick on the top decorate with Lucy Cromwell products.


craftyeyes said...

this is a fab creation welldone tracy xx

sue - bearhouse said...

wow!! this is fabulous