Friday, 6 July 2012

Tea bag folded card

Since my card appeared on and in Creativity magazine I have had lots of requests for a  tutorial. As I am unable to do a video I thought this might help. The finished card is 13.5cm x 13.5cm. Make a twisted easel. Cut 2 pieces of patterened paper 12.5cm x 12.5cm and stick to the base and the easel.

 Cut 8, 7cm squares from your paper. I used 2 different shades of the same design to cut my tiles. Pick 1 of the designs to cut an extra tile for the stopper.
 With pattern facing down fold in half open turn the paper a quarter turn and repeat.
 Turn the paper over so the plain side is facing up and fold corner to corner open turn and fold again this will give you 4 triangles.
 Ease the tiles into a triangle.
 Have the point of the triangle facing you. Take the right sided folded edge and line that up on the fold running through the centre of the triangle and fold down. Repeat with the left side
Take 4 of each design to create the rosette. Alternate the tiles and using a little Anita’s tacky glue on the top of the lower fold slide the next piece in to place repeat with all 8 tiles. The centre generally leaves a small hole so use a blitter to conceal this. Using your tacky glue stile the rossete to the card. Stick the spare tile onto the bottom right hand corner of the base. Finish off with a few gems.


sue - bearhouse said...

This is wonderful, thank you for a fab tutorial


Heike said...

Great card with fab teabag folding.
Heike x

Wendy L said...

Great card and good tutorial. xxx