Thursday, 31 January 2013

Art Deco

Wow this is a simple card!!
The topper is from the ultimate pack.
 I love my matting and layering as it can make the papers and images. pop.
It does add a bit of weight to the card.
So where possible I gut the card, this saves me card and cuts the weight down.
Everything is stuck with tape so is very flat.
Gutting is one of those technical terms, NOT.
 It means cutting a frame out of the card.
Save the centre piece of card for a future project and use the frame for your matting.
This really comes into it's own when using expensive card or when card is limited.
It does save pennies as well.
See you tomorrow

1 comment:

sandy's crafty bits said...

super art deco card di ... and yes I have often gutted is that the word (lol) the middle out when matting and layering ... such a waste to have all those papers hidden lol ... have a great day ... happy crafting and love sandy xx