Sunday, 21 March 2010

Another view.
O.K the instructions for this are simple squash all your loo rolls flat cut a curve out of one end and decorate with paper. Measure the width of said loo rolls and cut a piece of card about 1/4" narrower . Punch 2 holes in the straight edge of the loo roll about 1" apart. Now cut the insert down so the length so it is just shy of the 2 holes. Decorate the insert as you wish. Punch a hole in the curve section about 1/2" in. Prepare all of your tubes to the same stage as this makes life easier. Use a long piece of ribbon tread through both holes make sure the ribbon is straight. Hold onto the short end and gentle push the insert into the tube. Ajust the ribbon and tie in a knot, trim off. Finish off with 2 book rings decorate these with small pieces of ribbon. Posted by Picasa

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