Sunday, 8 June 2008


Instructions for Waterfall card.
1. Decide what size you want the square of your water fall to be. For explanation purpose lets say the squares are 5cm square.
2. Then take a strip of card 30cm x 5cm, and another 1cm x 8cm.
3. Stick the narrow strip across the bottom of your 30x5 strip, 2.5 cm from the base, leave an even amount on either side. Use a wet glue for this Anita's tacky works great.
4. Cut 5 square 5cm x 5cm.
5. Decorate the square with a flat design this is up to you.
6. Using a double sided tape gun run a line on the top reverse of the first square.
7. Stick this over the top of the narrow strip. The bottom of the square should be flush with the bottom of the wide strip.
8. Using a ruler and embossing tool score a line across the 30x5 strip flush with the top of the square.
9. Run a line of tape across the wide strip flush with the top of the square.
10. Stick the 2nd square level with the top of the tape line.
11. Repeat 8,9,10 until all squares are stuck down.
12. After you have done the final scoring line across the top square fold the strip down on to the back of the waterfall squares.
13. Trim the strip to 6cm below the base of the first square, and round the corners off.
14. With your hole punch put an eyelet into the centre of the rounded end 1.5cm from the bottom, and put a piece of ribbon through the eyelet.
15. Round of the ends of the narrow strip and use your piercing tool to make a hole 1cm from either end.
16. Trim a piece of backing paper to fit the front of your card stock. I like to make it a bit smaller than the card so you can see a bit of the backing card.
17. Position the waterfall onto the backing paper and pierce a hole through the holes made in the narrow strip and through the backing paper.
18. Put a brad through each hole and open out at the back.
19. Stick the tape along the back edge of the backing paper, and stick to the front of the card.
20. Finish off the card as required.

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